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Artistic Club with a new look and feel

Remember the old Artistic Club's main menu and context-sensitive submenus on the left? The dark background and the logo with pyramid?

Although it used to be very functional, that design was, as a friend commented, "so 80's".

Now we have a new web 2.0 design, the forms are a bit nicer looking and the menu structure is more user friendly. Oh, as you may have noticed, there's a quick tour on the site's features at the frontpage.


Creative Commons License

CCInspired by the concept of non-profit artworks sharing, we brought the option to apply a Creative Commons license to your artworks in Artistic Club. When you upload your work, you'll find a license select box where you can choose one of the main Creative Commons licenses. When you upload your work, it's title will be accompanied by the selected license's logo and link. The default option is "All Rights Reserved". To you as an author, of course. 

Economic principles of “Artocracy”


Is it possible virtual economy to function in an arts website?

And to regulate the relationships among the users, their activities in the site and their products? A global economy independent of the global financial crisis, where you settle your payments in virtual currency?